Elvira came into Tails to Tell on March 12 with her brother Elvis as an owner surrender. Elvis is currently on foster and Elvira hung back for a bit until she was adopted. Unfortunately, we found out that Elvira “hates” dogs. She came back to us with this knowledge as we wanted to make sure she didn’t go to a furever home with a dog around.

Let’s jump forward to Saturday, April 27 when Truli put out a call for help to a local Airdrie community Facebook page looking for bottles and nipples for three (3-week-old) kittens who managed to safely hitch a ride from Cremona to Crossfield on a piece of heavy equipment. Their angel savior, Truli brought them inside and started the process of getting kitten milk back into their tiny bodies.

Truli reached out to Edna at the shelter who took them in and started the intake process.

Each week (sometimes more), Edna takes cats and/or kittens to the vet. Whether it’s spay/neuter, checkups, shots for new intakes, etc. Last week, these orphaned kittens and Elvira headed out to the vet; the kittens for a health check and Elvira for a suspected pregnancy.

During the ride to the vet, Elvira chattered to the kenneled kittens from her own kennel. This is quite common for momma cats or mom-to-be cats.

Once at the vet, Elvira received her check up and discovered that she was in fact, NOT pregnant although she was filling up for pending arrival of kittens. After the kittens had their health check done (by the way – all healthy), Elvira wandered into their kennel, laid down with them and proceeded to bathe them and snuggle them while the kittens latched on to her.

Well folks, it seems we have a cat going through a “false” pregnancy and it couldn’t have come at a better time. It appears that the stars have aligned that Elvira would go through this just when Truli found these three orphaned kittens.

We are very fortunate to have this amazing surrogate mother while these kittens grow and learn about the world around them.

Our deepest thanks to Truli who took on the role of surrogate until she found a solution for them.

Elvira and kittens are doing well. The volunteer staff at the shelter are supplementing with kitten milk as we are unsure of how much milk Elvira is producing.

Happy Mother’s Day to all those women who look after and love the little ones – human and four paws!

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