Thank you for considering becoming a foster parent for Tails to Tell Animal Rescue Shelter! As a Foster Parent, you will be provided with all of the necessities the animal needs like food and any medicine required. In return, the animal is provided with your love and affection in a family home – a far better place than an animal shelter!

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about fostering. When you feel ready, please download our Foster Application and either return it by email to or in person at 1017B Hammond Avenue in Crossfield. We will then need to schedule a brief interview with Edna to discuss the foster care relationship, which can be booked by phone at (403) 946 0400.

To view our available animals to foster, please click HERE!

What is a foster parent?
A foster parent provides a safe and loving environment for companion animals until they are adopted or ready to return to the shelter. Alongside affection, foster parents provide basic care for the animals such as food, shelter, and water. In the event that the animal requires medical care, the foster family may be required to transport the animal to our partner vet.

Why are pet foster parents needed?
Our facility is 1000 square feet, so we are very limited in the number of animals we can care for. Foster families allow us to expand our rescue organization beyond our walls. Foster parents also help animals who need a little bit of extra love, like those who come in emaciated, with behavioural issues, or who are pregnant or nursing a litter.

Are there any requirements for foster pet parents?
Basic requirements are that foster parents are at least 18 years old, if you rent you’ll be required to show a copy of your lease or a letter from your landlord stating that you have permission to keep animals in your home, and if you have other pets we will need proof that they are vaccinated as well.

Experience is not necessary to become a foster parent! Just a love for the animals. Anything beyond your current skill set we are more than willing to teach.

I already own a pet. Can I still foster?
Absolutely! As long as your other pets are vaccinated, you can still foster with us. We will try to pair you with the most suitable animal based on all of your responses to our questionnaire.

What kind of support will I get?
As much support as you require! We value all of our foster homes and can provide support by phone, in person, or through email.

What happens after I fill out and return the Foster Application?
We will review your application and then schedule a brief interview with you about fostering. After the process is complete, we’ll recommend some animals that suit your abilities and lifestyle that need fostering.

Will I have a say in what pet I foster?
YES! We will not force you to take any animal. We will do our best to match you with an animal that you will be able to enjoy and take care of properly — but in the end, the final say is yours!

What kinds of pets are fostered?
We try to foster animals who would benefit the most from the extra care a loving family can provide. These animals may be sick, malnourished, have behavioural issues, are pregnant, nursing a litter, or just not suited for shelter life (such as our senior pets).

Will I get an animal with behaviour issues?
Only if you are able to handle their issues! For most pets in the shelter system, behavioural issues are small and manageable with consistent care. These are things like house training, separation anxiety, and sometimes it’s just the stress of being abandoned at a scary environment like a shelter. We will discuss any behavioural issues with you prior to the foster period, and remember – the final say is yours!

What happens if the pet doesn’t get adopted? How long do you keep it for?
We will work around your schedule when fostering an animal. If you are only available for a few weeks, or are going on vacation, please let us know and we will make arrangements for the animal. We do not euthanize animals to make space for more, so until an animal is adopted they are our responsibility.

Will I get attached to my foster pet? What if I want to adopt?
It is entirely possible that you will get attached to your foster pet! We discourage foster families from adopting only because we’re often losing a valuable resource when that happens, but you are more than welcome to adopt if that special somebody comes along!

Is your question not covered here?
Email us!