About Us

About Us

Our Story

Our story begins with Edna Jackson, who opened her Critter’s Pet Supply shop in Crossfield in 2006. Soon after, she rescued a local stray and let him live in her store. His name was Thomas, and he is now our mascot.

Over the next four years, Edna took in all manner of animals who were dumped literally on her door step. From dogs tied to her door after hours, fish left behind during a move, to even a small kitten tied up in a plastic garbage bag left at her door step – Edna saved them all.

The need for an animal shelter in the Crossfield area was apparent. Edna reached out to the community, friends and family and soon Tails to Tell Animal Rescues Shelter Ltd. was born. We opened our doors in September of 2010.

Tails to Tell is a registered Alberta charity (Reg. No. 852483312RR0001) and has a Board of six volunteers who oversee the operations of our shelter, work with coordinators and committees, as well as plan for the future. Our shelter is operated by volunteers; there are no continuous paid staff, though we benefit from short term, valuable contributions from our Summer Student and Internship Programs, which allows us to hire student interns in the Summer who are supported by Federal Grants or a Work Experience program. Our volunteer run Board and Operations means that 100% of all funds raised or received goes directly to the care and housing of our cats. These volunteers govern, plan, care for residents, maintain the shelter and raise the much needed funds to allow us to continue our efforts.

Since opening, we estimate that over 4500 animals have been helped, and hundreds more continue to be helped each year. Any numbers stated for a year do not include cats and kittens that are found and returned to their owners. Thanks to our wonderful supporters who not only supply monetary donations, but also dedicate their talent and time volunteering and provide foster homes to care for needy animals.

Tails to Tell Board Members & Coordinators

  • Colleen Holden, Board Chair & Financial Secretary

  • Edna Jackson, Board Member

  • Anita Helmer, Board Member & Animal Care Coordinator

  • Lara Beatty, Board Member and Facilities Coordinator

  • Donna Ebeling, Board Member & Fundraising

  • Michele Jacobsen, Board Member, Internship Programs & Website Coordinator

  • Claire Prevost, Volunteer Coordinator

  • Jennifer Carew, Adoption Coordinator

  • Dawn Paczynski, Foster Coordinator

  • Dawn Parker, Communications Coordinator