Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Current Events

All Community Engagement and Fundraising Events help to support our mission of rescuing and rehoming cats and kittens.​

There are many ways we engage with the Community and hold Events to raise funds for the shelter. Check out our current events and fundraising activities to see how you can get involved!

  • Saturday February 11: 1pm to 3pm: Tribute to Edna Jackson – Crossfield Community Centre

  • February Online Auction: Exact Dates TBD

  • Easter 50 / 50 Draw: Sunday April 19: Ticket Sales Start March 06

    December 2022: Christmas Eve 50/50 Draw – Jackpot $11,460, Winner Awarded $5,730

    July 1, 2022: Canada Day 50/50 Draw July 1! – Jackpot $13,170, Winner Awarded $6585

    March 17, 2022: Luck of the Irish 50/50 Draw – Jackpot $6740, Winner Awarded $3370

    Dec 31, 2021: New Year’s Eve 50/50 Draw – Jackpot $13,890, Winner Awarded $6945

  • March 1 – Purdy’s Easter Chocolate Fundraiser Opens

  • Cat-A-Palooza and Kitty-Paloozas: Adoption Events in the Community!

    January 29, 2023: Kitten Palooza! A Successful Adoption Event that resulted in 17 Kittens being Adopted!

    Cat-A-Palooza, Oct 2022: Blog; Kitty-Palooza, July 2022: Blog

  • Coming Soon

    • Craft and Bake sales – check Facebook site
    • Casino (date to be announced)

New Facility

Our dream is to move to a larger facility were we can better accommodate the needs of our shelter cats.

Some of the needs are independent socializing rooms for working with stray and feral/scared cats, quiet rooms for nursing moms and newborn kittens, designated medical rooms with quarantine abilities, meet and great rooms for adopters and better laid out communal cat rooms with windows and lots of natural sunlight for better enrichment. Maybe even a catio to allow the cats some fresh air in a safe and contained area.

We need properly designed storage space, a commercial laundry room and updated electrical and plumbing with proper heating/ventilation in the building.

A larger facility could also mean we expand our operations to take in dogs.

We would love to have a designated volunteer room, an office space and an area where we can host training or educational events.

Included in this dream would be to have onsite veterinarians and better equipment and kennels.

As you can see this is a very big dream and we can only achieve it with your help.

If you are interested in helping, donating or sponsoring please reach out to us.

To become a donor simply visit our donations page.