Barn Buddies

Barn Buddies

Available Cats

We often receive cats from rural and urban communities that are just not comfortable living indoors or interacting with people in a close contact environment.  These cats are assessed, and after time at the shelter, they are placed into either our regular adoption program or the Barn Buddies Program.

Barn Buddies aims to find homes for cats who are not suitable for life inside a house or who just prefer to be outside to come and go as they please.  Tails to Tell believes there is a home out there for every cat, based on their specific needs, dispositions and personalities.

We are looking for cat loving homeowners who want an adventurous companion! These cats can range from feral, semi-feral, to friendly. Adopters must (i) provide a heated barn or other outdoor structure (i.e., shop, warehouse) that the cat can call home and (ii) provide the cat with fresh food and water daily. If you are interested in a cat to patrol your facility, please fill out and submit a Barn Buddy Adoption Application and a member of the team will contact you.

Barn Buddies are available for a fee of $50, are spayed or neutered, have at least one set of vaccinations and deworming, and are microchipped.