Adoption Process and Fees

Adoption Process and Fees

Adoption Fees & Inclusions!

  • Kittens to 2 years old: $299 (as of Sept 1)

  • Cats 2+ to 8 years: $199 (as of Sept 1)

  • Senior Cats 8+ years: $99 (as of Sept 1)

  • Bonded Pairs $50 off (not including kittens)

All of our adoptions include:

  • 14 day trial period. We want to make sure that all of our animals are paired with the right owner!

  • Veterinary Checked

  • Up to Date Vaccinations (including rabies)

  • All of our cats are Microchipped!

  • **Spay or Neuter – arranged with our shelter vet for spaying and neutering or you can choose to use your own veterinarian (with no reimbursement).

  • De-worming

  • 30 Days Gift of Insurance from 24 Pet Watch!

What to Bring

Your Family: if you have a spouse and/or kids, please bring them along! We want to ensure the whole family is supportive of the new family member. If you are interested in giving your spouse or your kids the gift of a new pet, please ask us about Gift Certificates so they can participate in picking out their new pet.

  • ID: we prefer a driver’s license, but will also accept a Passport. This is to confirm that you are of legal age (18) to adopt an animal, and also to confirm your identity.

  • Your Lease or a letter from your landlord (if you rent) stating that you can have animals in your home.

  • A letter from the condo board if you live in a Condo stating you are allowed to have pets in your home.

  • Kennel for safe transportation home.

  • Payment: we accept Debit, MasterCard, Visa, and cash. We will not release your animal to you until payment is made in full