Get Involved

Get Involved

Tails to Tell volunteers are priceless. Our Volunteers assist with every need of the cats and kittens in the shelter and with adopters who are chosen by our cats and kittens! Our Volunteers enable us to fulfill our mission which is to help injured, stray, abandoned or surrendered cats and kittens.

If you’re interested in sharing your talent, treasure and time with Tails To Tell, there are many ways in which you can help! Please check out these great opportunities to become a Volunteer, to offer Foster Care, and to become a Sponsor.

Shelter Volunteer

Volunteers help with getting the daily work done on site. Animal care volunteers do many tasks such as: giving kittens bottles, cleaning and filling food and water bowls, washing bums, faces and getting lots of snuggles. Helping with the cats and kittens involves several cleaning tasks: laundry, litter boxes, floors, bedding and condos, kennels, dishes and taking out the garbage. During every shift our volunteers and our feline residents engage in lots of play time and socializing!

Foster Care

If you have the time and space to help cats and kittens from your home we always need foster parents! We have many cats that do not do well in a shelter environment and a home is a more desirable place for them. We often have new mamas and tiny kittens who will do better in a quiet home than in a busy shelter. We have timid cats that need one on one socializing and we have our surrendered seniors who shouldn’t have to spend their golden years in a shelter. As much as we provide all of our senior cats with love, being a shelter after being abandoned are traumatic events, and a home is a better place until they get re-adopted.

Sponsorship & Monthly Donations

Sponsoring a cat, room or kennel is a rewarding contribution should you want to help but are not able to lend your time just now. Monthly donations are the easiest way to contribute to the shelter and to help us fulfill our mission!

Community Engagement

We are always engaging with fundraising and events to raise the necessary funds to support the shelter, our cats and kittens’ veterinary needs and pet supplies (food, litter, kennels, medications). Fundraising is essential to our Shelter’s survival as we depend on the community for support. We welcome involvement and creative new ideas for fundraising, events and community engagement.


Our Donors are very special to us as they invest in our mission and help us to say yes whenever we get a call that a cat or kitten is in need.  Donors who give to the shelter and provide financial support help to pay for the home and care our feline residents need and receive from the Shelter. Thank you for considering a donation of treasure (cash and products), time (volunteer and foster) and or talent (volunteers, foster care, veterinary, professional, technology, and so on).

Current Opportunities

Many hands make light work!! There are always new and interesting ways for you to contribute your time and talent to help the kittens and cats at Tails to Tell. Please Contact the Volunteer Coordinator to offer your skills and to get involved.