Tails To Tell is a collective of amazing people striving to build a better life for rescued or abandoned cats.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! We are very pleased to have an active and dedicated group of volunteers making a difference at the shelter – and hope that you will become a part of our team!

Our organization and shelter is run entirely by volunteers! There are so many areas you can assist us. If you don’t see an area listed that interests you but have an idea – we are all ears.

To volunteer, please complete our application.

The application can be printed, completed and scanned/emailed to volunteer@tailstotell.ca mail or drop it off at the shelter.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is an excellent way to support our mission and give back to the community. Interested in a career working with animals? Volunteering is an excellent way to gain practical experience.

Types of Volunteers

  • General volunteers:  long-term volunteers who adhere to an ongoing schedule and come regularly to do various tasks. Level of commitment: medium.

  • Interns: college students who volunteer for a set period of time to gain practical experience within their field of study. Level of commitment: medium.

  • Special Event Volunteers: volunteers age 14 and older who work various seasonal exhibits and during special events. Level of commitment: low. Click here to inquire about Volunteering for Special Events.

  • Group Volunteers: groups of people who come as a whole, representing any type of organization, to volunteer collectively either during special events or periodically on small projects. Level of commitment: low.

  • Handy People: If you are a handy kind of guy or gal, there are always repairs needed at the shelter. Scratch posts recovered, walls to be painted, rooms build, shelves hung, etc.. From time to time we need the assistance of a plumber or electrician; having a volunteer in these areas can save hundreds of dollars if repairs of this nature are needed.

  • Animal Medical: If you have a background in animal medical care we would be interested in hearing from you.

The Best Experience Ever

Who Can volunteer?

We encourage people of all types to volunteer at our shelter! Due to the nature of some of the work required, we have some limitations and requirements depending on the position.

We consider adults to be 18 years of age or older. Adult volunteers, other than special needs adults, can volunteer at the shelter without supervision and can volunteer for any position available at the shelter.

You must be 16 years of age in order to volunteer with our shelter, accompanied by a responsible adult (parent, friend, current volunteer). A permission slip must be signed by a parent or guardian in order to volunteer. Youth Volunteers can apply for most of the positions available.

Special needs volunteers are any persons of any age who’s physical or mental disabilities require them to be assisted by an adult. Special Needs Volunteers must be accompanied by an adult or guardian while volunteering.

We can discuss this on a case by case basis, so please email us at volunteer@tailstotell.ca.