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Special Needs and Full of Love

Special Needs and Full of Love

Special Needs

Thank you for your interest in Rescuing or Sponsoring an animal with special needs. Our Shelter is often home to special cats who need some extra care and attention for some reason. Often these special kitties have a condition that requires medication or close monitoring, so these special cats are cared for in Foster Homes.

It is incredible that no matter what condition they are dealing with, the Special Cats we meet are so full of love and gratefully appreciate the care and attention they are given. Helping a Special Cat is one of the most rewarding cat-human relationships and is a satisfying act of selfless generosity. At this time, we have special cats in Foster care that will benefit from your donations.

If you are ready to commit to Sponsoring a Special Cat, learn more about these three precious angels who are presently sharing their love and appreciation in a long-term foster home together. Click to learn more about Fostering and also about Cats who are available for adoption.


Tannis originally came to the shelter in 2013 as a stray from Strathmore, AB.  She was adopted twice and returned due to no fault of her own. Tannis is currently being lovingly cared for in her long-term foster home with our two other special needs kitties, TJay and Frazle.  She is a super sweet girl who absolutely adores her foster brothers! Tannis is living a good life with a family in a home!

Tannis was originally diagnosed with feline asthma and was living life with the use of an inhaler.  However, after quite some time it was evident that her breathing issues were not improving and she was taken for a CT scan in 2021. Tannis is diagnosed with nasopharyngeal stenosis, a rare condition where there is a severe narrowing of an area in the back of the nasal passages where it begins to connect with the mouth above the soft palate.  Her condition is quite severe.

Thankfully, Tannis is living in a wonderful foster home and her quality of life does not seem to be impacted by her condition.  She is the most active senior kitty her foster parent has ever seen!  She has no problems climbing the stairs and playing but her breathing is quite noisy, gaining her the nickname “Wheezy”.

Unfortunately, the treatment for this condition requires a series of painful procedures, regularly and repeatedly completed as the condition is incurable.  It has been determined that given Tannis’ advanced age, 10 years old in 2022, and the fact that the treatment would require numerous painful procedures, with no guarantee of success, we will not put her through the pain and trauma. There is good news from the specialists in all of this; her condition is unlikely to worsen.

Sponsor Tannis! We love Tannis and the Shelter graciously accepts donations to support her in her foster home for ongoing care. Click here to Sponsor Tannis: Ways to Donate


Arggggg, ye maties!  Our big boy Frazle, with one eye and 3 legs, is the most loving, purring, head booping and lap loving dude! First of all we want to thank everyone who has helped with Frazle’s surgery costs this year and supported us through his journey!  We love you!

Frazle came to us as a stray kitten from the Innifail, AB area in April 2020 with his 2 sisters Fanta and Fawn and his mama, Florance.  Frazle was born with a winky eye and it developed an ulcer, so off to the vet he went.  He was prescribed eye drops which seemed to help for a short time…Here is where his story takes a dramatic turn…

Earlier in 2022 while jumping onto a counter poor Frazle fell and started to limp shortly thereafter.  He was immediately placed in a loving foster home where he could be in an environment where jumping or climbing was out of the question for him so he could rest the leg and recuperate.  Unfortunately, Frazle’s limp didn’t get any better so off to the vet again.  While he got x-rays of his leg, his winky eye was assessed once again, because after 4 different sets of eye drops, it continued to be painful and bother him. The Vet advised that Frazle’s condition was chronic and his eye would never heal. The ulcer would reoccur and the risk of infection was very high. Given all factors, Frazle’s winky eye was removed and he has recovered wonderfully!

The x-rays showed that Frazle had femoral head necrosis in his leg. His fall off the counter was quite possibly a blessing in disguise because it brought our attention to this diagnosis much quicker.  Frazle had a surgery on his leg which involved the veterinarian removing the head and neck of the femur, allowing the muscles to heal over the hip area.  This surgical procedure was intended to restore mobility.  Our Frazle kept his leg and we were hopeful that he wouldn’t have any lameness, and best of all, he would be pain free!

Unfortunately, this was not the end of Frazle’s story…  After months of recovery and follow up vet visits, poor Frazle’s knee on the same leg started to cause him pain. The veterinarian and a specialist determined that amputation of his leg would be the best option. Kitties adapt just fine to the 3 legged life and this would allow our dear boy to finally live pain free!

Through your very generous donations, Frazle had his leg amputated by the wonderful staff at City Center Animal Hospital in Airdrie, AB in Nov. 2022.  Frazle came through the surgery like a champ!  Frazle lives with his special friends Tannis and TJay!!  His loving foster home volunteers tell us Frazle is doing absolutely amazing. TJay and Tannis are making sure that while he’s recovering, Frazle is not lonely and he knows with love all things are possible!  We’re happy to report Frazle is doing very well at adapting to the tripod life!

We send a huge shout out to Dr. Sameer Gupta at City Centre Animal Hospital and technician Amanda who went above and beyond for dear Frazle. Thank you to tireless Tails to Tell volunteer and City Centre staff member Nikki, for checking in on Frazle after his surgery, and on her days off no less!  We are so grateful to Frazle’s wonderful foster family for their amazing care of our special needs kitties!

Frazle is dearly loved by Tails to Tell, his foster family, and you, our extended family. We graciously accept donations to support him in his foster home for his ongoing care.  Click here to Sponsor Frazle: Ways to Donate


TJay originally came to the shelter in May 2021. He was surrendered by his owner of 7 years. He is the most handsome ginger boy with massive mitts!  TJay is polydactyl on all four paws!

TJay wasn’t with us very long before our loving volunteers noticed he was acting and looking unwell.  His appetite decreased, he started hiding and his eyes looked glazed over.  The veterinarian discovered that TJay had a mass either in or close to his stomach.  Edna and a very special volunteer took him to a specialist vet clinic in Red Deer, where he had an operation to remove the mass. It was the understanding at the time that this mass was cancerous.

TJay returned to the shelter and was doing quite well for a while. Then, TJay stopped eating and we took him to see the specialist.  Details were scarce but we were informed that TJay’s cancer was back. The recommendation was euthanasia.  TJay spent, what was to be his final night, in the home of one of the same volunteers who had been with him since day 1.  The next day, this loving human asked for one more day with TJay as he had perked up, seemingly overnight, and she just knew he needed more time….

Fast forward 1 and a half years…

TJay is thriving with this same wonderful human who officially became his foster parent in February 2022.  He is “doing AWESOME”!  He plays like a young kitten, begs for food like a dog and is quite the inquisitive, fun loving ginger boy.  He does from time to time have tummy issues and he cannot tolerate hard kibble. His foster brothers are jealous of his soft food!  This special veterinarian gastro diet seems to be helping with TJay’s sensitive stomach, for which we are thankful!

Sponsor TJay!! We are so grateful to TJay’s foster family for their faith in TJay and for providing a loving home for him for as long as he can be with us.  We love TJay and graciously accept Donations to sponsor him in his foster home for his ongoing care. Click here to Sponsor TJAY: Ways to Donate

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