This is a very special post about a very special cat named Magnus. He is an amazing and gentle boy who came to the Shelter earlier this year with a bit of a sad story. We are committed to make Magnus’ adoption story the absolute best.

Magnus is 4.5 years old. He was adopted by his previous family when he was 2.5 years old. Just over a year ago, the young boy in the home, who Magnus loved and adored, entered a shared custody situation. The young boy would be home for a few days, and then gone for a few days. This on and off again presence of his human created separation anxiety for Magnus. His anxiety got to the point where he would chew his paw raw and require a vet visit and a vet bill. This was not something the family could continue to afford, and it was not fair to Magnus. With a broken heart, they brought Magnus to Tails to Tell.

Magnus has been in a foster home since Summer 2023. Like many cats, he is shy and hides at first. Once he is familiar with you, he will cuddle with you and sleep with you. He is on hypo-allergetic food and takes his new anxiety meds each morning without issue. He had to wear a cone during the night and also when the foster couple were away at work. Only recently, after many months, is Magnus able to consistently be out of the cone. Halloween was traumatic for him, so unusually loud events are not good. He gets along great with kids and cats. He also loves Lego! He has not been with a dog.

This beautiful boy sure loves his people! Because of this love of people, Magnus will thrive in a home where his people are home the majority of the time. If you are retired or work from home, Magnus is the boy for you! His anxious tendencies show in situations where he is left alone. When he is with his people, he can be found sunbathing, chirping at birds or playing with his favorite ball! He has nothing but love to give and will always be in the same room as you once he is comfortable with his home environment. If he is given the chance and time to feel safe and loved, he will be the perfect companion in your home.

Our dream is for Magnus to find his forever home. A family who would help him to overcome his anxiety, and give him the peace and confidence of love that he deserves. Are you the hero that Magnus needs? Can you provide him the presence, patience and care for Magnus to feel trusting enough to shower his love on you?

To see Magnus in action: YouTube
Magnus is neutered, microchipped and up to date on his shots.
To book your very own personal meet and greet with this special guy, give us a call at 403.946.0400.