Would you like to volunteer with us?

Our organization and shelter is run entirely by volunteers! There are so many areas you can assist us. We are still in the growing and organizing stages so please be patient. If you submit an application and indicate an area we may not use right away, don’t give up hope. You will be needed!  If you don’t see an area listed that interests you but have an idea – we are all ears.

If you submitted an application in the past and have not heard from Tails to Tell in some time, please re-apply.

To volunteer, please complete our application.

The application can be printed, completed and scan/email to info@tailstotell.ca, fax, mail or drop it off at the shelter.

If you’re interested in volunteering but not sure how you can help, check out these great opportunities. As we grow, so will our opportunities.


Fostering a pet is a rewarding experience, for you and the animal! If you’d like to learn more about our Foster Program, please click here.

Cat Grooming and Socializing

Not sure if you can dedicate a lot of time just yet, but still want to help out and interact with the animals? This area is for you! Drop by anytime, no application required, and ask for a brush. Our cats and kittens love the attention, and you will enjoy a relaxing snuggle. Some of our residents crave attention and some, not so much. Human interaction is vital to keep our residents happy and teach our shy residents that human touch and love is great. There is nothing more rewarding than after a visit or two, one of our shy cats or kittens initiates contact!


Shelter Work

Do you have some time to spare during the week? Why not help us out at the shelter! You’ll be responsible for a wide range of shelter chores, including cleaning, feeding, laundry – there is always something to do. Some days or weekends there are heavier cleaning chores you may have time to help with. Our application allows you to choose when and what you can help us with. One hour a week can go a long way to keeping our residents healthy and happy and the residents do love to help!

If you are a handy kind of guy or gal, there are always repairs needed at the shelter. Scratch posts to be recovered, walls painted, shelves hung – the list goes on! If you are a plumber, electrician; please indicate on your application. Having a professional volunteer in these areas can save hundreds of dollars if repairs of this nature are needed.

Aren’t into scooping litter or cuddling kitties but still want to help? We have recycling that needs to be taken to a depot, animals to run to and from vet appointments, supplies to be picked up.

Fundraising, Event Coordinators, Marketing, Administration

Tails to Tell relies 100% on donations to fund our shelter. If you have fund raising experience – this area is for you. Not only are events are very important but we are always looking for ideas to keep donations coming in so we can keep our doors open. We hold several events a year and If you would like to help at these events, or even help plan the events themselves, please apply! Events can be information booths, casinos, our firefighter events and we’re looking for the list to grow – with your help.

Adoption Days – Attend adopt-a-thon days sponsored by local pet stores. A small number of our residents are in attendance with you all in the hope that a forever family will find them. Promote our shelter, our residents and have fun while doing it.

Marketing our wonderful organization is another area you may be interested in. This includes designing different media to promote our shelter.

Photography – and the management of photos, albums, promotion.

Basic administration – record upkeep, data entry, filing.

Who can volunteer at the shelter?

We encourage people of all types to volunteer at our shelter! Due to the nature of some of the work required, we have some limitations and requirements depending on the position.

Adult Volunteers

We consider adults to be 18 years of age or older. Adult volunteers, other than special needs adults, can volunteer at the shelter without supervision and can volunteer for any position available at the shelter.

Youth Volunteers

You must be 16 years of age in order to volunteer with our shelter. A permission slip must be signed by a parent or guardian in order to volunteer. Youth Volunteers can apply for most of the positions available.

Special Needs Volunteers

Special needs volunteers are any persons of any age who’s physical or mental disabilities require them to be assisted by an adult. Special Needs Volunteers must be accompanied by an adult or guardian while volunteering.

Community Service

or other Court Mandated Volunteer Opportunities
Opportunities are available to complete your necessary hours at our shelter. We discuss this on a case by case basis, so please email us at info@tailstotell.ca.