A Tale of Two Kitties and Saving Lives

It’s story time! Let’s talk about the Tale of Two Kitties during our featured Kitten Month.
Why pay money to adopt when there are so many kittens for ‘free’? Well, before your heart falls for one or two of those really cute free fluffballs, you should remember what your parents have taught you….nothing in life is really ‘free’. And because you’re a responsible pet owner, you should be aware what that ‘free’ kitten is going to cost you.
Let’s have a look.
Additional expenses that you will need to know about and you will be responsible for are: “kitty” shots, rabies shot, possible flea treatments, and the big one, depending on whether you are considering a female or male fluff ball, spay or neuter.
Veterinary prices vary from clinic to clinic, so let’s look at averages. First up – their first vet visit or health check – this can run anywhere around $75 to $90 without any treatments depending on the clinic. For a spay or neuter, that can run you anywhere from $180 to $400 and that does not include optional pain medications, rabies shot, microchipping, possible IV, if needed, and the protective collar to keep the kitten from opening the sutures. All of a sudden that ‘free’ kitten is costing more than you had realized and you are in the vicinity of up to $600.

When you adopt a rescue kitten from Tails to Tell, our adoption fee of $299 includes the microchip, shots, rabies, vet checks, & spay and neutering (when they are of age).

As a non-profit organization, we rely on volunteers, donations, fundraisers, etc. to pay the vet bills to cover all of these costs. And these costs are only for the healthy fur babies we rescue.  Just think of any additional costs that come with a kitten who may need more TLC.
So next time you think about getting that ‘free’ kitten, it is important to consider what it will actually cost before making your decision. Free is not always ‘free’ – most times it costs more!

An added benefit: when you adopt a rescue kitten, you’re not just saving one life – you’re saving TWO. The one you adopt and the space you are opening up for another kitten for us to save.

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