Donors’ Dollars Buy Health and Hope

This is a guest post by Linda McDonald RN, BN. Health Content Writer (serious cat lover)

Have you ever wondered where donor dollars go?

To support Tails to Tell’s vision of finding a smiling human for each of our cats we need not only our selfless volunteers but also the generosity of our donors. We are grateful to the many donors who support our mission.

Your donor dollars support the shelter in several important ways. Donor dollars help Tails to Tell to pay rent & utilities, and also buy cat food, litter, kennels, and toys, to name a few staples. Donor dollars buy hope for each cat and kitten that we rescue.

Health care: Our priority is to keep our felines healthy. For that, out cats and kittens need to visit a veterinarian. A lot!! In fact, veterinary costs amount to 65% of the Shelter’s budget. Take a look at the infographic to see a breakdown of where precious donor dollars go for veterinary services.

Contact Tails to Tell Animal Rescue today if you want to invest your time, talent or treasure in our vision to rescue and find loving homes for stray, injured or abandoned cats and kittens.  Phone: (403) 946 – 0400 or email:

Visit our information on: Ways to Give.