Emma – Summer Student & Volunteer

I started this July 2021 as a Summer Student Intern at Tails to Tell and have spent most of my summer at the Shelter! As a young girl, I always felt a special love for animals, especially cats! I have always wanted to pursue animal health as a career; Becoming a volunteer at Tails to Tell has allowed me to get a jumpstart on my dream. While preparing for life as a College student this Fall, I have gotten my foot in the door and fully experienced Shelter Volunteer life. My post-secondary schooling will open many doors in the animal health field, with Animal Rescue Shelters being one of them. My experience as a volunteer at Tails to Tell has opened my eyes to another career option when I graduate from College, namely combining my career and work with volunteering at Shelters as a RVT – Registered Veterinarian Technologist.

As bittersweet as it is, I love seeing cats and kittens get adopted into their furever homes! It is the most special feeling when a cat who has been at the Shelter for a while gets selected. Adoptions are filled with many emotions amongst us as Volunteers. Those who volunteer during adoption appointments say their endless goodbyes to the animal and get to wish them well on their new journey. Although we miss each cat and kitten dearly, seeing them adopted is also the best part about Volunteering. I enjoy meeting and working with the rest of our incredible volunteers who all share a similar passion for animals. Tails to Tell Volunteers tend to share the same goal: To give our endless love, attention, and care to the feline residents at the Shelter (and to those who are being Fostered).

Although I have seen many cats and kittens come and go during my time here, Princess Bela has made the most impact on my life. Bela came to us as a surrender. She arrived in extremely rough shape; her long white fur was horribly matted, and she was extremely skinny and ill. Although her life prior to the shelter was tough, she continued to have faith and trust in the Volunteers. She always kept fighting against her condition and didn’t give up on life easily. She spent her final days in a loving foster home and will be forever missed and remembered by the Volunteers.

As volunteers, we may see a lot of broken, sad cats come into the Shelter, but, with love and care, we also get to see them blossom into their true personalities  – many of whom are super goofy and loveable! We may have difficult days that play with our heartstrings, but there is always a highlight to each day as a volunteer, whether it’s an adoption, a donation, or even just a kitty who does something silly!  Being a Volunteer at Tails to Tell will forever be the most incredibly rewarding position I have experienced.”

Emma Gallant.

PS – I had to include the photo with Clarence because he just learned that I adopted him!!  I simply could not resist him!