Cutie Cali, Fenna!

Update: Adopted!
The Cat Breeds Encyclopedia attributes some unique characteristics to the Calico’s personality. They are said, for example, to have sweet, endearing personalities. The Calico cat’s disposition is also considered warm-hearted, affectionate, and intelligent. As if we didn’t already know this…am I right?!
Meet this stunning Cali, Fenna!
Fenna was found out by Carstairs, heavily pregnant. She didn’t take long to have all her littles after moving quickly and getting her into a foster home.
Fenna has finished taking care of her brood and given our spay program, she won’t have to worry about littles ever again.
This beautiful and affectionate soul is ready to meet her new family and shower them with all the love she has on offer. Jenna loves to hang out in the window seat watching the world go by, snoozing in a soft cozy bed or hanging out supervising with administrative duties. She is first in line to greet the volunteers each morning!!  Fenna is 2 years old, spayed, microchipped and her shots are all up to date.
Give us a call at 403.946.0400 and book your appointment with our Cutie Cali, Fenna.