Meet Garnet and Gallant!

UPDATE: Gallant and Garnet have chosen their people and are Adopted!
You would never believe these two little boys started life in a barn scavenging for food, unhandled, unloved and terrified.
These two black panthers were rescued along with their two siblings and 5 other kittens, and within a few short weeks they became completely different kitties. Garnet and Gallant went from being completely wild to adoring cuddlers! Now these two boys throw themselves onto laps – fully relaxed, stretched out, and purring up a storm.
Garnet is Mr. Active. He’s so fast that it’s really hard to get good focused pictures of him. He doesn’t believe in slowing down, which makes him complimentary to his brother Gallant. Garnet is very playful, gets on well with his other 5 house cats, but isn’t a fan of the two German Shepherd dogs…he prefers his K9 friends on the quiet and respectful side. He’s a little shy and takes a while to warm up to new people. Garnet likes cuddles at night or when he takes a break.
Gallant is a more chill, laid back kind of dude. He loves to be with his people best, but does enjoy a good tussle with the other resident cats. He loves to cuddle, he’s very friendly and oh so confident, which is why Garnet relies on him so much. Gallant gets on well with all of the resident K9’s and will engage play whenever he can.
Garnet and Gallant are very bonded and must be adopted together. They would do well in a home with other resident cats, respectful dogs and with older children – they adore people of all ages.
As of April 2023, both boys are 6 months old, neutered, up to date with their shots and microchipped.
Wanna meet them? Give us a call at 403.946.0400 and we’ll have their foster home book you your very own kitten play date.