Lina the Explorer – A Playful Cuddle Machine

Meet Lina, the tiny ball of fur with a heart full of fun and a penchant for adventure! Lina is a promise of endless laughter and joy in your life.🫶
With her striking, expressive eyes that sparkle mischievously, Lina is a pint-sized explorer on a quest to conquer the world, one playful pounce at a time. Her fur is as soft as a cloud, and her dainty paws leave a trail of love wherever she goes. This spirited little lady is not just about fun and games – she’s a purring machine that turns on with a gentle touch.
Lina loves to play with fishing rod toys and bat at anything that dangles. But don’t let her playful antics fool you; Lina has a heart as big as her sense of adventure. In her downtime, Lina is a professional nap-taker, finding the coziest spots to curl up and recharge for the next round of play. Her love for a warm sunbeam and a soft blanket is matched only by her affection for the humans lucky enough to call her family.
This charming girl is seeking a furever home filled with love, laughter, and endless playtime. If you’re ready to embark on a journey of joy with a furry companion, Lina might just be the perfect addition to your life.💝
This gal is 5 months old. She’s ready to move in. Her shots are up to date, microchipped and when it’s time for her spay – our adoption fee has that covered too!
Give us a call at 403.946.0400 and we’ll get you armed with all the toys for some playtime.