Lucy and Frodo – Bonded Pair

Allow us to introduce you to the sweetest grey and white mother/son duo, both seniors, who would love a retirement home together!!
Meet Lucy and Frodo.
These adorable seniors were surrendered to us back in early June when their elderly owner couldn’t take care of them anymore. They have been a one human duo their whole lives. This pair of loving kitties truly missed her. They spent some time decompressing and adjusting to their new lives. Now, they just need to find their final stop.
Let’s chat about Lucy first. She’s 11 years old and the momma to Frodo. It didn’t take too long before Lucy gained her confidence, exploring everything the shelter brings, introducing herself to the other residents and finding all the good napping spots.
Frodo, 9 years old, is taking a bit longer to find his feet. He’s still unsure of everything that is going on. You’ll usually find him hiding is “his” spot, with Lucy checking in on him throughout the day. She’s a good momma to Frodo. She’s doing her best to help him along, but Frodo definitely could use some more one on one attention and confidence building. We do our best as volunteers and we confident that when he finds his retirement home with his momma, they will truly blossom and become the love bugs they were with their former human. 💕
Lucy and Frodo are a bonded pair. They are hoping for their last stop with their loving human.
Is that you? Are you ready for 2 adorable seniors who still have so much life and love to give into their twilight years? 🥰
Give the shelter a call at 403.946.0400 and make an appointment to meet them. You won’t be disappointed.