Loving Luigi – Rest Well Gentle One

Sadly, Luigi has crossed Rainbow Bridge.
Luigi came to Tails to Tell as a 2 year old stray from Airdrie back in October of 2013. Luigi was adopted in March 2014 and he lived with his humans until his return to the shelter in August 2020. Very soon after Luigi’s return, Edna and the volunteers noticed that something wasn’t quite right with him. So off to the vet he went. Luigi was put on a special diet to help him to feel better. Luigi needed more specialized care, so volunteer Linda Solomon took him home as a foster. Luigi was doing very well with his foster momma…until he wasn’t. In March 2021, Luigi went to the vet for a swollen face and drooling. He also started to show signs of pain when he was picked up (and he loved to be loved, so this was unusual). Linda made sure his medication and every need was taken care of and took him back & forth to his vet appointments. It seemed that Luigi just wasn’t bouncing back as the vets (and Linda) had hoped. At his latest vet appointment at City Centre, Dr. Mitchell Ashkin did a whole lot of tests and it seemed that Luigi’s body was shutting down. His liver, his red blood cells and more had taken a turn for the worse.  After a lot of discussions, the decision was made to let him go. Luigi didn’t have it in him to fight on.
Thank you so much to Dr. Ashkin for your wonderful compassionate care of Luigi and Linda. Even when a dearly loved and cherished pet is in terrible pain, euthanasia is one of the toughest decisions to be made.
Thank you Linda for all of the love, the regular trips to the vet this past year, and taking care of Luigi’s dietary needs and his medications. Linda, you gave Luigi the best care and held him tight at the end. He knew he was truly loved.