Farewell Magpie

Many of our volunteers remember Magpie, who came to the Shelter back in December of 2019 from the Didsbury area. A friend and supporter of the shelter saw him on her deck security cameras in the spring with lots of hair. She didn’t see him again until that winter and he was completely bald. She’s a true angel – she brought him to us. Magpie had mange plus a host of other issues.
At the Shelter, Tails to Tell volunteers treated Magpie for his mange, plus administered the medications that he needed to help get strong. In May of 2020, Gail Hearns stepped up and took Magpie into foster at her home where she continued to treat him. He was later diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease and his medication was switched up. Sadly, Magpie lost his fight with his disease and crossed over Rainbow Bridge on Friday, February 11th.
In his golden years, Magpie loved his catio and all the sunshine that poured in.  Magpie knew so much love from Gail and her family plus a host of other fosters that came and went and the ones who became foster fails. Thank you, Gail, for giving Magpie the best palliative care foster home a cat could wish for.
Run free Magpie.
You touched a lot of souls at the shelter and you will be missed.