Meet Bonded Pair: Nuka & Bellah

Update: Adopted!!
Meet Nuka and Bellah. Oh my goodness! What an adorable pair of cuties.
Recent surrenders, their owner couldn’t keep anymore due to health conditions,
This gorgeous duo have adapted to shelter life quickly and their personalities are starting to shine.✨
Both Nuka and Bellah were quite shy at first, and have discovered that our volunteers are quite eager to pour love and affection all over them. How could you not – they are absolutely stunning.💕
Just youngins, Nuka is just one and Bellah is 2.
A home with cat trees to lounge on, in the window preferably so they can watch the world go by would be ideal. Warm and cozy cat beds to snuggle up in and toys to chase and get crazy with are high on their wish list. Chin and head scratches are a must when you meet these guys.
Come in and meet these beauties for yourself. We’re sure you’ll get caught up in their soft and silkiness, purrs and head boops real quick.
Give us a call and book your personal one-on-one at 403.946.0400
Both Nuka and Bellah are up to date on their shots, microchipped and have been spayed/neutered.