Maringue – Emotional Support Cat

UPDATE: This gorgeous lady has chosen her forever home! She has been adopted!

When we say a unique Maringue – we really mean unique!!

This little gal is a special one as she has all the potential of an emotional support animal.
This gorgeous lady is a special little cat who likes outings. She seems to need the stimulation. So far she has had visits to the shelter, pet stores, coffee shop, medical offices, and the mall.

Maringue is a sweet, smart, petite cat full of tortitude. She has an unusual temperament and NEEDS to go for outings with her person. We have found that if she stays home for too long, she gets rowdy and bored. When her foster humans put on their coats, she dances around their feet, because she knows it’s time to go for an adventure. When she has her harness on to go out, she behaves quite differently. She expects to be carried or will ride sitting or drooped on your shoulder. She is very focused on her human holding her, and will purr so hard her ears vibrate. If you sit down somewhere, she will remain quietly on your lap until you are done. When you get back home and take the harness off, she will be a zoomy parkour kitten, steal things and run away with them, and then collapse to have cuddles and sleep.

Maringue’s ideal person will take her back and forth to work or school with them. She will require more training and exposure to become used to new situations. She recently visited a big mall with a noisy food court. She was a little nervous at first with all the new sounds, smells and people, and then adjusted and relaxed. Her longest adventure so far has been about 2 hours total, and we expect her stamina will increase as she has more experiences.

She happily plays with the other cats at her foster home, but would not need another animal if she had access to her human most of the time. She requires a lot of play time and attention and would not do well with long periods alone. She likes both adults and children (not tested with very young). She has opinions about who she likes and doesn’t, but has not been nasty to anyone. When you call her name she responds and will come to you with curiosity. She will sit by your feet and say, “MRANG!” to tell you it is time to pick up and pay attention to her. When she’s sleepy, she likes to be carried in your arms like a baby, or be worn in a sling.

Maringue will want to sleep with you, in your bed, likely on your pillow. She may try to groom your hair, and she likes to have her back feet rubbed. Her favourite toys are a bright green pencil, straws, and an empty syringe. We think that it is because she was syringe fed as an infant. Maringue was born in a Tails To Tell foster home and had some medical challenges as a baby. She is now very healthy, and will likely always be on the petite side. Since she wants to be on your shoulder, this is a good thing. She is a perfect little pocket cat.

Marigue is 6 months old, up to date on her shots, microchipped and her spay is scheduled for the end of the month.
This is a little girl with a big personality that you need to meet to appreciate.
If you’re the human for her, give us a call at 403.946.0400 and we’ll have her foster home set up your own personal snuggle appointment.