Playful House Panther – Looking for Forever Home!

Looking for a sleek stunning house panther? Look no further because this boy is sure to impress anyone.🖤
Obsidian is the sweetest charmer…he can be a little shy at times but once you get to know him, he’s such a joy to be around.
When he’s not sleeping, he loves to play. And boy does he like to play. He’ll run around playing with every toy he can find, throwing them up in the air and chasing them back and forth till they roll under something or get lost.
Obsidian gets along great with other cats and is even able to get our other resident cats joining in and playing alongside him. When he’s not sleeping or playing, he’s a sweetheart who loves receiving pets, chin rubs and head scratches
Obsidian is just over one year old, microchipped, neutered and all his shots are up to date.
Give us a call at 403.946.0400 to book your “extreme” playtime!