Seattle – A Gentleman

UPDATE: Seattle has chosen his humans! Adopted!
Are you looking for a quiet and respectful gentleman? Then look no further – Seattle is a loving and affectionate (almost) 10 year old dude and is the guy for you.
Currently, Seattle is in an amazing foster home, and his foster mom and dad have this to say:
  • He is a chatty boy and will rub against you (legs, hands, back, face whatever part of you that he can reach) when he wants something and it is absolutely adorable.
  • He would do best with a house that has a buddy for him to play and cuddle with. He just wants to be friends with everyone. He enjoys the Catio and looking out the windows watching the world go by. New or sudden noises can startle him a bit but he usually adjusts pretty quickly and then he’s back to his usual happy, calm, loving self; we suggest a home without little ones around would be best for him. We have a small senior dog that he is comfortable living with.
  • He loves to give hugs and reach out with his paw for you and will hold your hand.
  • He LOVES catnip and if it’s fresh he will grab it from you if you take longer than a few seconds to give it to him.
  • He can be held but he usually gets antsy if it’s for too long but by choice, he will sit in your lap for hours. He likes to change positions so you can pet him in as many areas as quickly as possible. Once he has his initial pets and cuddles in he just falls asleep.
Wanna meet Seattle? He is a real gentleman. Give us a call at 403.946.0400 and we’ll have his foster home book you your own personal one-on-one with this amazing gentleman.