You may be questioning why our team chose this name and spelling for such an angelic and handsome fella. Wrecks is a rescue cat who arrived at Tails to Tell in pain and in very poor condition. Ear mites were his enemy and created immense discomfort. His ears and face were covered in scars and fresh cuts and scratches were infected from constant scratching. His long soft fur was matted so tightly it was pulling on his skin.

Meeting Wrecks upon his arrival was a blessing mixed with some heartache. His injuries and rough condition when entering the shelter shocked and upset many of us. We felt such remorse for what life had thrown in this cat’s way. The opportunity to give Wrecks the comfort of a soft bed, a clean litter pan, fresh water, and yummy food brought such pleasure to Shelter volunteers. In spite of his unhealthy condition, Wrecks was a trusting, gentle, loving, and kind cat with a wise old soul from the very start of his stay.

Wrecks was rescued from a precarious life on the streets. He was found fending for himself, eating scraps, fighting persistent health challenges, and lacking in the love and care he deserved. Volunteers initially wondered how a cat who had been through so much would be able to accept the love of people and embrace the Shelter’s help. We started with medication, a trip to the vet and providing a safe, dedicated spot for Wrecks to rest. He seemed so grateful to have a soft bed to sleep on at night and a whole bowl of food with multiple meals a day. At the beginning of his stay, he stayed in his kennel – even with the door wide open. While he readily accepted human attention, Wrecks seemed reluctant to leave his comfortable spot. Eventually, as time passed, and with constant patience, love and gentle attention, we began to see him venture a tiny bit farther from his kennel, and then from his room; he is so brave. Volunteers are so happy to see him thrive.

Wrecks has blossomed into a mighty lion as he left isolated street life, persistent injuries and matted and dirty fur behind. Volunteers cannot sit near Wrecks without finding him in their lap or walk through his room without him following. If someone needs a good cuddle or a little bit of love, Wrecks steps up. He is extremely gentle with the other feline residents and has never shown any fear, aggression or anger towards his fellow cat friends. Wrecks is playful and shows a love of wrestling and playing tag with our girl “Tessa.” She is a spunky young girl who is always ready for fun. She seems to have taught Wrecks that not all the kitties he comes across are threatening. Wrecks and Tessa can be seen chasing each other up and down the halls and wreaking havoc wherever they are. Volunteers often find Wrecks babysitting the kittens like a protective gentleman. If Wrecks hears another cat in distress, he’s there and ready to save the day. At times the kittens will be playful and climb the doors. Well, Wrecks does not think this is safe and alerts us right away for help. He is very responsible.

Congratulations Wrecks on being adopted into a loving furever home!!