Bacon ‘n Butternut – Bonded Pair

UPDATE: Adopted! Bacon and Butternut have chosen their people!

Bacon and Butternut were found orphaned with their other four, one week old siblings. They were mewling with hunger under the front steps of a home in Olds. No mother to be found anywhere.  The family who found them, very kindly syringe fed the babies kitten milk for a few days until Tails To Tell could make arrangements to have the siblings be given a surrogate mother.

Mama Maizy, who had just had 7 babies of her own, was chosen to see if she would adopt two of the orphans into her already large family. Being two of the smallest kittens, Butternut and Bacon were chosen. After bathing Butternut and Bacon in tuna juice, mama Maizy bathed them and accepted them as her own.

Meet our two little orphans – Bacon & Butternut.

Bacon and his brother Butternut will curl up together right in front of your face awaiting their morning pats.

Bacon is a floofy ginger sweetheart. Butternut is a super soft gray boy with endless curiosity. Bacon is the more cuddly of the two, but both LOVE being petted and are amenable to being held.

Butternut loves Bacon and Bacon loves Butternut. The two of them have bonded. For these brothers this means several things. On their journeys around the house, when one cannot find the other, the lonesome kitty will start to cry (normally Bacon). Then it’s a game of “go on a brother hunt” and reunite them. If either finds a particularly wonderful thing, he will bring it to his brother so they can both play with it – like a cat toy, piece of Lego, pencil, crinkly wrapper…you get the picture.

Bacon and Butternut cuddle together and give each other baths. They also need to eat together. Bacon MUST have Butternut in the room or he will not eat. They need to be monitored so he is not exploited by Butternut, who eats his wet food like he is expecting the dish to disappear at any second, and will then eat Bacon’s, leaving Bacon to just lick Butternut’s empty bowl. So, supervision is key.

They have medium-long hair and will need to be groomed. They love their morning brushings, and are learning to be OK with having their nails trimmed. Their foster momma is making sure they are ready for you!

Bacon and Butternut are 4 months old, microchipped and when it’s time for their neuter – our adoption fee covers that cost. These little lovebugs are bonded and must be adopted together.

If you would like a playdate with these two adorable little dudes, give us a call at 403.946.0400 and we’ll arrange a meet & greet with their foster home.