Bonded Pairs of Cats

Ever wondered about 2 cats who have formed a special bond? They eat together, they sleep together, they rub their heads against each other, they groom each other? They seem like mirror images of each other.💞
We have a few bonded pairs of cats at the shelter. We do not adopt out a member of bonded pair separately…you know why? If two bonded cats were to be separated from each other, they would likely end up suffering from depression which can lead to other behavior issues. A study has shown that cats who are bonded together are more socially adjusted and live longer, happier lives. Being bonded doesn’t mean that they always live harmoniously – they still may have “spats”, and that’s normal behaviour – it’s a tiff and then they’re back to being the snuggle bugs they were before they “fell out with each other”.
While some bonded pairs are litter mates, or a parent and kitten, many of our bonded pairs are not related. They have formed their relationship over time or have grown up with each other and have become reliant on each other for their wellbeing. 🫶
There’s a definite advantage to adopting a bonded pair. They will be on a very similar sleeping, eating, and playing schedule, which is convenient and time saving. Bonded pairs of cats give each other comfort, in addition to providing a ready playmate. When you aren’t around, there is less worry about your cat feeling sad and lonely when it has a best friend at home.❤
We’d love to introduce you a few of our bonded pairs.
  • Lucy and Frodo, who are mother and son;
  • Buddy and Bucket, who grew up with each from kittens;
  • Pumpkin & Brighton, who bonded together at the shelter;
  • O’Malley and OhShay, who were found by a landlord after tenants abandoned them;
  • Mervyn & Linden, who bonded together at the shelter;
  • Nuka & Bellah, who were surrendered as a bonded pair;
  • Milly & Tilly, who were surrendered as a bonded pair;
  • Princeton and Angela, who were surrendered as a bonded pair.
These are just a few of our “non-kitten” residents who need to find their furever homes together.
Bonded pairs don’t love you any less, you’re just going to get twice the love!
Keep an eye on this blog for some of our Bonded Pair Stories!!