Volunteer Tales – Colleen

Some of you may know this smiley face. You may have seen her around the shelter or at fundraising and adoption events. You will always find this amazing lady jumping in, doing something to help the shelter out.  Meet Colleen!
Colleen first heard about Tails to Tell in December 2013 when she was at her local vet’s office and saw a poster on the wall for adoptable cats. This sparked the idea of getting a friend for her playful kitty Bogey. So, off to the shelter she went and quickly adopted Cheddar (aka Cheerio). After visiting the shelter she decided that when she retired she was going to become a volunteer – heaven for a cat lover!
In September 2014, when Colleen retired, she wasted no time in joining the Tails to Tell team the very next month. She started out with the Wednesday shift, then joined the Fundraising Committee and then a couple of years later, she joined the Board. As the shelter became more well known and the number of adoptions grew, Colleen took over the tax receipting duties and learned how to process off and onsite adoptions. If you adopted your Tails to Tell kitty from one of our partner Pet locations, you will have met Colleen. She saw the need to gain funding from other sources to address the growing demand for spays & neuters, vet bills, etc., so Colleen sought out grants to help keep up with Tails to Tell growth. And don’t forget the 50/50’s! That is Colleen taking the lead again! She handles all the administrative work and you’ve probably seen her Live right here making a lucky winner happy.
When we asked her “What is it that keeps you here? What is it that makes you stay?” Her answer – “The love for the cats & kittens and the love for Edna. I believe in Edna’s vision, what she wants to accomplish and I’ll be there to help her stay the course.”  Thank you Colleen for everything that you do for Tails to Tell!