Generous Cat Food Donation!

When we receive calls, out of the blue, from companies and people who want to donate to our little shelter – you’ll see ear to ear smiles, high fives, little dances of joy…you know why? Because we’re this little shelter who relies 100% on donations and 100% on volunteers,
So when we received a call from Hagen Group/Rolf C Hagen Inc who wanted to donate cat food to li’l ol’ us – we couldn’t be more grateful. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect. We have taken in so many littles, expectant mom’s and momma’s with new litters where this food will help nourish and replenish what they’ll need during their early days with us. And just to let you know – we have 100 cats/kittens in foster care and 90+ at the shelter, with a waiting list still ongoing.
Thank you, Hagen Group / Rolf C Hagen Inc so much for this generous donation of cat food – it is so welcomed by our residents. Our hearts are full.