Elegant Eirene

FERAL to FABULOUS! – Update: Eirene has been adopted!!

Yes – it can be done. With time, patience, understanding and a whole lot of love.
That’s what it took to help Eirene blossom into the amazing gal she is today.
You see, it’s been almost 2 years since Eirene and her sisters (with lots of kittens in tow) arrived as strays at our shelter.
Eirene would scurry away and hide anytime a human came near – she wanted nothing to do with volunteers or visitors. You would find her scrunched up tight in a cubby with her sisters or another resident. And if you even tried to approach her, she would make sure to let you know that she wasn’t ready. Our volunteers would work with her slowly, allowing her to leave her space on her terms. And that all started when the treat bag came out and she witnessed all the other residents getting in on something that really looked worthwhile to check out. Our first win!
Gradually, Eirene allowed us to touch her forehead – again, it was on her terms. Another win!
Then, we were allowed a chin rub and slowly we worked our way to full pets…huge win!
Now, you’ll find Elegant Eirene stepping forward as one of the first to greet the morning shift volunteers. Eileen ensures you know that she is there, weaving her way around your legs, rubbing the top of her head on you and taking her supervisory role quite seriously at the breakfast and evening meal times. Eirene gets along with every resident, she has the most amazing calm demeanor. You’re likely to find her napping on a soft blanket or curled up in a cubby on a cat tree.
This unique and beautiful soul has THE most amazing blue eyes – she almost looks solemn all the time.
Eirene will need a furever home with another feline friend, to show her the ropes of household living. She’ll need a quieter home – no small children for her…they move way too fast for her. She’d be the perfect roommate for a single person or couple who could open their hearts to this stunning young lady and continue to work with her and watch her blossom even further.
Eirene is 3 years old, spayed, microchipped and up to date with her shots.

Give us a call at 403.946.0400 and book an appointment to meet this gorgeous girl.