Julius the Red

Hi there, my name is Julius! This hasn’t always been my name. Names tend to have stories attached to them and mine certainly does!  I arrived at Tails to Tell in August 2021 as ‘Jazzy’, which didn’t seem to quite fit my personality and the Shelter had already had a kitty with that name. Unfortunately, I was surrendered because my previous owner passed away unexpectedly. My five other kitty siblings were able to find homes very quickly, which is great. As a senior fellow, I didn’t have the same luck so I was brought to the Shelter.  Once at Tails to Tell, I was renamed Clarence (and not to brag, but I very quickly became loved by all those volunteers and visitors who met me). I became famous amongst Volunteers for being quite the snuggle bug with the loudest purr.  Volunteers always took time every shift to come sit and snuggle up with me before going on with their day. One of my favourite Volunteers was Emma (not to give the story away, but she happened to become my future owner).  My Emma would always make sure to come visit me, so I amped up the charm meter and she ultimately ended up falling in love with me!  When Emma started volunteering in Summer 2021, she was told by the rest of her family that she couldn’t get another cat. Determined to help them get to know me, Emma sent daily photos and videos to her parents and they ended up falling in love with me too! The happiest of days was when I was adopted in September 2021 and my name was changed once more to Julius, inspired by Orange Julius! However, once I saw the vet they told us that I am such a dark orange, I’m technically considered red. Emma refused to change my name again even though her dad wanted to call me Felix!  In my furever home with Emma, my animal siblings are all seniors which means our house is super calm – great for my long naps with no interruptions! I now have two kitty sisters who have been super kind to me. I also have two doggy siblings. Emma doesn’t know if I have ever been around dogs before, so she is helping me to adjust and we have all got along well!  If you’re ever looking for me, I’m usually sleeping in the living room in the new cat tower my family bought as my welcome home gift. I have a great view of our street. If I’m not in the tower surveying my domain, I am snuggling with the humans in my new family. I certainly haven’t lost my charm – I am still the purring prince that I was when I was in the Shelter.  Although it has been a bumpy ride to get where I am now, I am content knowing that this will be my furever home (I know this because my siblings and I are all so spoiled!). Thank you to the wonderful Volunteers at Tails to Tell for making my Shelter stay a pleasant one.
If you are interested in meeting with any of the kitties at Tails to Tell please call 403-946-0400 or send an email to info@tailstotell.ca to make an appointment. If you are interested in supporting the cats at the shelter while they wait to find their furever homes (and the volunteers wait on them!) please consider making a donation. All funds donated go directly towards supporting Vet Care, food, supplies, and medications the current residents may need.