Elvis is King

Hi my name is Elvis! My sister and I were surrendered to the Shelter because we liked to sleep with the new baby and my mom was nervous. At first, I was very scared at the Shelter. I hid in a cubby until a volunteer would come in to visit. One day, a volunteer (Karen) decided she needed to foster me at her house, so she took me home. Karen was very worried about me; however, it took only a couple of days before I met my new best friend (Nugget). The two of us had an instant connection. After about a month my foster parents decided to adopt me, which made me a very happy kitty!
Even though I have had a few medical issues, and I do not like going to the vet, I do feel much better. I have a girlfriend now, who also came home with Karen from the shelter. She is a bit of a pest, but I loves her.
Karen says: Elvis is a great addition to our family! He has helped me with my anxiety with his hugs and affection. Thank-you Tails To Tell for bringing the King into my life!!