Kathy Volunteer

Becoming a Volunteer at Tails to Tell Animal Rescue Shelter was a very personal decision for me; but, people do it for a variety of reasons.
It’s a feel good thing and you instantly see the results of your labor.  Many of the cats we receive are strays who have had limited interactions with humans.  After spending time with them, their personalities come out and they start to shine and that is very rewarding.
Being a volunteer is good for your emotional, physical and mental health. In fact it is proven that spending time with animals helps lower your stress levels and blood pressure. You create a unique bond with the animals which is extremely good for your emotional health.
At Tails to Tell, we encourage young people to train and become part of our awesome team.  Students learn responsibility and time management, make a difference in their community and gain skills and job experience.
For me personally, it all began when I lost my little soul mate – my Bichon Szchi who I had for fourteen years.  She was my world and there was and still is a big hole in my heart.  One of the volunteers persuaded me to come and help out one day at the shelter.  She stated it might help heal some of the hurt especially since I am a insatiable animal lover.
As it turned out she was right.  Every time I open that door of the shelter I am greeted with so much affection and love from the cats.  I truly feel that all of our volunteers make such a big difference in their lives.  At any given time, we provide fostering for those cats who need that special dose of TLC or help some cats after having surgery by giving not just medical attention but that special extra “pet” and just being there and providing all that we can to make their lives more special.
We have them all – from newborn kittens to older cats who are looking for their forever homes.  Our team is top-notch and our leader Edna is outstanding.  Never have I personally met someone who is so dedicated to the well-being and care of our family of cats.
If you have that special bond and interest in cats, consider volunteering at Tails to Tell Animal Rescue Shelter.  It is a fulfilling experience that will forever change your heart and your world!!!!!