Lovely Lulu

On Saturdays, we like to highlight one of our senior cats. We like to introduce you to the lovely Lula, who has all of her beauty and charm at 9 years old. Lulu is a very sweet older lady who was surrendered to Tails to Tell in January 2021. When Lulu arrived, she wasn’t eating, so off to the vet she went where they determined she needed some dental extractions. Lulu was an excellent patient and recovered quickly. Lula has been living with her foster family for awhile now and has been enjoying all the sweet comforts of life. Lulu loves snuggling up to her humans at bedtime but the best is when she rolls around so much, she finds herself rolling right off the edge!😆   Lulu doesn’t mind being left alone during the day – she is probably getting her beauty rest! When you walk through the door, Lulu will be there to welcome you home and ask you about your day. Lulu is a talker with a very sweet meow. Lula may be a mature 9 years old, but she still gets the zoomies and loves to play with her humans. Lulu enjoys getting her beautiful locks brushed with the bonus of face rubs and lots of pats.  Lulu loves her quality time and will spend it right beside you or on your lap while you’re Netflix’ing or reading your favourite book. Her favourite toys are a honeysuckle branch, Kick-er-roo and feather toys on a stick. It has been determined this keeps her humans exercised too.😉  A couple of must haves for this gal are a window to look out so she can watch the birds, and a few comfy beds and scratching posts. Definitely a low maintenance kind of girl!

One thing Lula did want us to add that is quite important to her, is that she will want to be the only pet in her new furever home.  If you’re looking for a well mannered, mature gal – then Lula may be just what you’re looking for in a feline friend. You can give the shelter a call at 403.946.0400 and one of our volunteers will have Lula’s foster momma call you to set up a date and time for a meet & greet. We are sure it will be Lulu love at first sight!