Meet Bonded Pair: O’Malley (Adopted) & OhShay (Available)

UPDATE: O’Malley and OhShay have chosen their people and were adopted into forever homes!
Say hello to O’Malley & OhShay!
We need to ask, do you have a bonded pair of cats or kittens? If you do, you already know how entertaining they are, how adorable they are when they snuggle up with each other or groom each other and of course – all about the double love they have to offer!💞
In this post, we’d love to introduce you to a bonded pair that came from very unfortunate circumstances.
Last month, we received a call from a gentleman in Hanna who found 2 cats who had been left behind by his renters.
Now, we’re not sure if these 2 beautiful boys are from the same litter or have bonded growing up together. But what we do know is that these guys are always aware where the other one is. Even if one is sleeping on the office chair and the other can be found sleeping close by.
O’Malley and OhShay are very friendly. They both love belly rubs, chin scratches, cuddles and of course, a welcoming lap. They are mirror images of each other in their behaviour. Double the love, right?!❤
And as a bonus, they get along with all the other residents!
If you’re ready to open your heart and home to love – then come in and meet this amazing dude, OhShay.
He is up to date on his shots, microchipped and neutered. He is totally ready to move in and be your Bat Man.
Book your appointment to meet OhShay today! Call 403.946.0400 and be prepared for a lovie dovie lap warmer!