Meet Bonded Pair: Buddy & Bucket

Say hello to Buddy & Bucket. You may have met these 2 back in June.
These beautiful souls were surrendered to us back in May due to family circumstances and it was a difficult time for them to let this duo go.
The family researched the best place for them and chose Tails to Tell to find them their perfect home.
Both Buddy and Bucket are 5 1/2 years old and are the most loveable cats you’ll ever meet. ❤ They were recently adopted into a loving family!  ❤
Buddy is the most outgoing and will make you giggle at some of the antics he gets up to. Whether it’s sleeping on his back, feet against the wall or following you around like a little puppy dog, this boy grabs your attention! He got along with all the residents at the shelter – he’s that chill. And Buddy has the best expressions!
Bucket is more on the quieter side and will wait until you approach her for all the love you can give. She loves to be brushed, loves chin rubs, belly rubs and all the human love you have on offer. Perched in all her glorious fluffiness, Bucket likes to closely supervise the person washing dishes at the sink! Buddy and Bucket are the perfect roommates. They love each other and will love their new family with everything they have. And they have the best house manners.
Like all of our cats, this bonded pair is up to date on their shots, microchipped and are spayed, neutered. Check out our Tails to Tell Cat residents here:
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