Mini Mollee!

Let us tell you about a cat who was adopted!

This little gal is a fighter. Mollee has a bit of a sad beginning, but with a loving and dedicated foster mama, she is thriving and has chosen her people!
Here’s Mollee’s story:
Mollee came to us last September from an acreage in Wheatland County. The property owner heard a car stop and went out to see a grey car toss a litter box out with a cat in it and drive away. Inside was Mollee’s mama, heavily pregnant. Sadly, the lady who owns the property was not able to catch her and she had her littles outside somewhere on their property.One night the owners heard a terrible sound and discovered that the mama had been taken by coyotes. They found the kittens and then spent many days trying to catch the kittens and get them into a safe place. Mollee was the first one they were able to get into a kennel and bring to us.
She was very scared and very skinny and she was not gaining weight. She was so timid and needing extra care we had a foster home ready to take her in and love her and care for her.
Her foster mom spent many days earning Mollee’s trust and making sure she was gaining weight. Her dedication and hard work paid off and Mollee is now a very friendly, loving kitten who has chosen her furever home. She is a beautiful girl with a beautiful spirit.
This is what her foster mom has to say about her…She is 9 months old now. She’s a healthy and curious kitten who loves to explore all nooks and crannies and gets along well with dogs. She will literally sing for her meals and invites you to play shooters (hair ties flying across the room) with her as often as possible. She loves to follow the sun throughout the day and bask in the rays. She hangs out in the window to bird watch and sometimes talks to them like she is inviting them in. She may seem a bit shy at first but warms quickly to those who show her gentleness and love.
Mollee is up to date on her shots, spayed and microchipped – all ready to move in with her new family.
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