Can Tashi Be Your Snuggle Bug?

I mustache 🥸 you a question…let me “whisker” it in your ear!😉
Wanna meet a unique looking gal? Then you gotta meet Tashi.
This stunning you lady came to us a wee, scared orphaned kitten. She has been loved to bits in her foster home and has become very affectionate. She has developed a lot more confidence and now advocates for what she wants, including someone to open the window for her. She has found her different voices for her different interests. She is also now such a snuggle bug, she’s decided being a lap cat is pretty comfy and great after all. She has taken to playing with her toys with her foster family, and sits near their dog when he’s sleeping.
She is still really shy around strangers and spooked by loud noises. With the right amount of patience she may just be someone’s snuggle bug buddy. She would do best in a home without kids or active dogs. She would also benefit from being with one other cat that matches her personality traits. She likes to seek out a cuddle buddy for naps and if another cat was happy to have her snuggle with them, they would get along great!
Tashi is just over a year old, spayed, microchipped and her shots are up to date.
Give us a call at 403.946.0400 and we’ll book you in for some snuggle time.