Happy Trails Kay-Dee!

Let’s give a huge round of applause to Kay-Dee who brought all of her charm to the table and got adopted the last weekend in March! 👏👏👏
Her humans fell head over heels in love. She’ll be going home in a couple of days – her humans need to shop for all her favourite things.
Congratulations Ms Kay-Dee! We’re so very happy for you.
Good morning!
A lucky human now gets to wake up to Kay-Dee’s beautiful face every morning! Here is her story:
“My name is Kay-Dee and my birthday is coming up in July and I’ll be 3 years old. We can celebrate my birthday together.🎂
I’m a very unique gal (aren’t we all?) 😁 I’m quite independent, but I do love the love from the humans here at the shelter. When I’m done with the love – I’m done. Like I mentioned…I am unique.  I’m an awesome supervisor if you’re a human working from home, I’ll make sure I’m close to your laptop and that you’re doing your job right. My furever home needs are pretty simple, I’m pretty much a low maintenance gal. I’d love a window seat to all the happenings outside – the birds, squirrels, gophers, whatever happens to go past my view. I love toys, cat trees, something soft to lay my beautiful head…and of course, treats. I coming running when I hear that bag open. I’m not one for cuddling up to my fellow residents, so I’d prefer a home where it’s just me please”.
All of our cats and kittens are unique and have their own tale to tell.  Did you know you can book a date with other great residents at the Shelter? It’s easy. All you need to do is call 403.946.0400 and let them know you’d like to spend some time getting to know the cats and kittens – you never know who will pick you!!