Tik and Tok

Earlier this year, during a meeting with my colleague, Dr. Michele Jacobsen, she introduced me the new addition to their family, a beautiful black kitten named Potter (another successful TTT adoption story!). I mentioned that our family was trying to find a kitten, but as soon as we saw one we wanted on a Calgary shelter’s website, it was already adopted. Michele asked me a few questions and said she would let me know of any kittens at Tails to Tell that might be a match. A few weeks later, Michele sent me a picture of a bonded pair of grey tabbies named Tik and Tok. My daughters fell in love with the two kittens and wanted them right away! I immediately called Edna at Tails to Tell and made an appointment to visit the kittens. Edna was incredibly kind, helpful and caring. She explained everything we needed to know about adopting Tik and Tok. It was so hard to wait until they got vaccinated, microchipped, and tattooed so we could take them home! Edna has also been available to answer any of our questions after the adoption.

Tik and Tok are such amazing kittens and each of them has a distinctive personality. My daughters knew who “their” kittens were when they saw them and that has not changed. Tik has always been very attached to Maria and is quite funny and full of energy; we wonder if he thinks he is a puppy given that he loves to chase his tail. Tok is Sophia’s little guy and he is so cuddly and calm. My older daughter and I get to play with the kittens whenever they are free from Maria and Sophia! Ever since we brought Tik and Tok home, our house revolves around these two new family members! Our home has become their home and we just live in it! Tik and Tok are thriving, running, playing and getting up to pure shenanigans! My daughters feel that bringing these kittens home was the best thing we ever did. We were delighted to adopt our kittens from a reliable and trustworthy Shelter and give them to a safe and loving home. My daughters finally all agree on something at once which is whatever is best for Tik and Tok! The best thing about adopting this duo has really been how much love they give us every single day.